nterviewed by the police about the attack on Jessie Louis tells them that he saw Julian fleeing the scene but Pamela is insistent he was in Paris and asks Stanley to contact him with the news as he was especially fond of Jessie. The band plays at the Imperial's Christmas dinner party but racist Germans walk out in disgust. However Jessie recovers from her coma after a visit from a kindly Donaldson,who has virtually talked her out of it. Lady Cremone throws a New Year party for her village and invites the band to play. Julian returns,claiming to have been in France when Jessie was attacked but Louis passes on his suspicions to Sarah whilst Pamela and Stanley start to date. Interested in learning more about the new electronic music pioneered by a German Stanley arranges a gig at the German embassy and,to get revenge for what happened on Christmas day,smuggles in a reluctant Louis to play for them. They are forced to leave without Stanley gaining his information and encounter Lady Cremone,who tells them that Jessie has had a relapse and died.

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