sing Sarah's private photographs Stanley compiles a special edition of 'Music Express' glorifying Jessie's career and Masterson arranges a lavish wake where Louis is puzzled by Julian's passionate oration. Afterwards Masterson announces that he has bought 'Music Express' and intends to make it Europe's leading entertainment magazine with Stanley as editor under Lady Cremone and Sarah as staff photographer. Louis is again questioned by the police,who tell him that two complete strangers gave Julian an alibi for Jessie's murder. However at a function in the hotel for Freemasons Louis discovers that the 'strangers' are actually friends of Julian. Now the chief suspect and mistrustful of Masterson,who is about to leave for America with Julian, Louis accepts Sarah's advice and asks Donaldson to phone for a lawyer for him. However the police arrive instead and,although Sarah tries to assure him that it was coincidence,Louis goes on the run,missing the dinner to launch the new-look magazine.

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