lark is offered a job by the deputy mayor. Clark finds the whole suspicious; he thinks the man knows he's seeing his ex. Clark and the team find the body of a 15 year old girl who's been missing for a week. She's from Indiana who came to New York to be a model or that's what her mom wants. They learn that the girl was close to her neighbor a slightly older guy. They go to pick him up but when they get there, he's gone and they see a story on the web that the police are looking at him as person of interest. And the story was written by the reporter Clark is seeing. When they find the man, he denies doing anything to her and hints that they should look at her mother who's like a svengali. Later the girl's father shows up and tries to kill the man but Clark stops him. An investigation into who leaked the guy's identity to the press is underway and Arroyo thinks it's Clark though he denies it.

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