s the search for Hattie continues Steve confronts Seth over his obsession with stealing pointless items from houses,his latest haul being the Hills' daughter's cuddly toy. Gail,concerned that Malcolm stayed out all night and seeing scratches on his car,gets her son James to hack into his father's computer. They discover that Malcolm has ploughed all the family's monies into his proposed estate,a plan scuppered by the protests led by Hattie. After Everett apologizes to Linus the boy is interviewed by D.S. Mills,who remembers Linus's mother. At school Linus comforts Caitlin,who has become an unwilling centre of attention and who admits to having felt she was in Hattie's shadow. They crack a bottle of wine together.After Alan,also a police officer,tells Fiona that he has been suspended from work for undue force with the suspect whose blood is on his shirt,Fiona,annoyed by Everett's cavalier attitude to the crisis,joins the search and finds Hattie's clothes in a lake near the Magic Circle. That night Seth shows Steve something altogether more sinister in the woods.

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