fter Malcolm has hanged himself in the woods James gets Gail to erase all links between him and Hattie before the police arrive. They put up a united front but,after Hattie's father accuses them of hiding his daughter,they deduce that Malcolm was not a bird watcher but a voyeur,spying on youngsters having sex. Fiona is overjoyed when Alan tells her that the complainant against him has dropped all charges but Linus is disturbed to find that Everett knew Hattie well as they both attended the same dance class. He also learns from Caitlin that Hattie was apparently about to run away from home with a stranger she called NDN and that Hattie rang Caitlin as she was being abducted. Steve makes Seth move in with him,aware that Seth's childlike manner may make him a scapegoat over Hattie. He also confesses that he is leading the search party to convince his sister Jo,Hattie's mother,that he should be allowed to contact his son,allegedly in Spain with his estranged wife.

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