iona is aghast to find Charlotte is not in her bed but catches up with her hiding in the shed and claiming she is worried about her father.The Hills argue but Alan appeases his wife and child. James is shocked that his mother seems glad to be rid of her husband but neither of them can account for why Malcolm left an envelope full of cash marked for Linus in his safe.Alan finds Hattie's body in the woods,hidden in a tree,and Seth confesses to murder and telling DS Mills that Hattie put a spell on him to do bad things. Fiona has a run-in with Everett over a twenty year old incident before Linus accuses his father of murdering Hattie though Everett merely says that Hattie was a 'delusional little girl' who would not leave him alone. A row ensues and Linus moves in withe Hills,telling Fiona he believes Everett killed his mother.

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