inus goes home and accuses Everett of killing Hattie,as well as his mother but Everett explains that the mother died when she tripped over one of Linus's toys, a fact he has always kept from the boy to protect his feelings. Reconciliation follows. Seth is given an alibi and released but he dramatically crashes into the memorial service for Hattie,claiming that she is not dead. Richard,Hattie's father,wants to know more and goes into the woods with Seth. Steve,disappointed that,though his ex-wife Angie has returned with their little boy,his past possessiveness has made her block staying access,follows and makes a gruesome discovery. Gail finally tracks down Linus and discovers would pay him to perform sex in the woods with girls he had met whilst Malcolm watched. Faced with eviction Gail is given a life-line by a friend and gets her final revenge on Malcolm. Fiona finds evidence to suggest that Alan killed Hattie and goes to see DS Mills. An arrest is made but has justice been done? Supernatural forces come into play to identify the murderer.

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