he killer: David Jacobs, a former public prosecutor and now the popular candidate for mayor, who has four weeks until election day. The victim: seventeen year old high school student Tiffany Greenwood, the daughter of David's long time friends, and David and his wife Grace's occasional babysitter. David killed Tiffany in a deliberate hit and run using the stolen car of Tiffany's boyfriend, the over-privileged Kevin West. As such, Kevin becomes Homicide's primary suspect, that belief strengthened when they learn that Tiffany just broke up with him. David, acting in the unofficial capacity of family friend, insinuates himself into the investigation through the prosecutor's office. His overzealousness, especially in wanting to prosecute Kevin without complete evidence against him, may become David's downfall, as Angie searches for what she believes is Tiffany's missing bag from the crime scene. What Angie and Oscar are unaware of is that David killed for what was in Tiffany's bag, that item which Tiffany discovered one night at the Jacobs' house while she was babysitting, and which, if made public, would destroy David's mayoral bid.

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