he killer: Charles Stanwyck, a building contractor. The victim: Taylor Hollis, a post-graduate student who dealt drugs on the side. Taylor, whose dead body was found in a remote area which was not the kill site, had blunt force trauma to the head, but was killed by asphyxiation from what looks to be a plastic bag held over his head. Once they ID him and find out more about him, Homicide believes his death may have something to do with his relationship to one of his former students, Sunita Rand. Sunny is engaged in what will be an arranged marriage by her traditional South Asian widowed father, Vijay Rand, but eventually admits that she and Taylor were in love and that she was planning on running off with him. Despite he having an airtight albeit seemingly manufactured alibi, Vijay, who states he knew nothing about Taylor and Sunny's romantic relationship, then becomes a suspect as his whole life, which includes current major renovations to his restaurant, would be shattered if Sunny didn't go through with the arranged marriage. Further evidence points to Taylor having been in the vicinity of the restaurant just prior to his death, at a time when Charles, the contractor, would have been there. However, Homicide has no motive tying Charles to wanting to kill Taylor. They may have to dig a little deeper into Charles' life to find that motive, his life which includes a diabetic wife Nancy Stanwyck, both who are still mourning the tragic and accidental death three months earlier of their adolescent son, Riley Stanwyck.

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