he killer: Bryce Kovack, who, along with his brothers Brent Kovack and Donnie Kovack, own and operate their own garage. Theirs is an extremely tight-knit family, they who still live together in the family home, with their only other sibling, younger sister Erin Kovack, having just returned home from dental hygiene school - she being the only member of the family ever to go onto higher learning - Brent and Donnie unaware on Bryce's request to help deal with the current family problem. The victim: Joey Dunkamp, a real estate agent, generally of high end properties. Joey is found shot dead in his car, although it is determined that he was not shot in the car, the detectives later finding that the primary crime scene was his trendy new office. Beyond the one gunshot that killed Joey that was fired at close range, Betty also finds two bruises that look to be made by shots from blanks also fired at close range. They also learn from Joey's boss and his "for pay" companion the evening he was killed that Joey was the type of person who gave and enjoyed favors to get what he wanted, personally and professionally, and that what he wanted professionally often bordered on being scams. Evidence eventually leads the detectives to Donnie Kovack. But they will have to uncover the Kovack family dynamic to get the whole story. Meanwhile, Samantha Turner tries to get Mark to convince Angie to testify on his behalf, something he is unwilling to do. However, Angie still unwillingly gets involved in the case through another means.

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