he killer: undercover police officer Doug Slater. The victim: Samantha Turner, Sergeant Cross' current girlfriend and the prosecuting attorney in the upcoming League of Nations trial in which Mark is the star witness as the undercover cop who infiltrated the gang. Slater was also present at the scene ten years ago as a first responder in the Alfonso Dyer shooting, the truth of the shooting which has haunted Mark and Angie all these years. Samantha is found strangled to death in her apartment, with the signature League of Nations "burnt tongue" signature present. Because of Mark and Samantha's connection, Bloom immediately removes him from the case, despite he being passionate about being involved in finding who killed his girlfriend. However, Angie and Oscar cannot rule him out as a suspect, despite the League signature to the death. The detectives do question the key League of Nations players: incarcerated Virgil Maddox, the gang head who despite his incarceration would still be able to order a hit; and Grace Dinard, Maddox's girlfriend, who has come to visit him in prison every day leading up to Samantha's murder. Another theory they have is that the murder was a show of force by someone who plans to take over the League in Maddox's absence. But information from Virgil and Grace, the fact that Samantha's telephone has been hacked after her death, as well as another high profile murder lead to Mark as the murderer. However, Angie comes up with another plausible theory that the murders were committed by someone who had an inside track of certain other items associated with the League and the Dyer cases. Through it all, Angie and Mark contemplate coming clean about their ten year secret.

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