he killer: Heather Williamson, who, with Gordon White, are the founders and principles of Offensive, an up and coming web communications company. Gordon dotes on Heather, which does not sit well with his wife, Kim White. The victim: Jake Daly, Heather's nightclub bartender boyfriend. At the beginning of the investigation, Angie, Oscar and Brian have no body, but a lot of blood splattered in a public place, the splatter marks consistent with a vicious stabbing. But the eventual discovery of a MedicAlert bracelet points them to Jake as the probable victim, still with no body. Angie and Oscar do interview Heather in the course of their investigation, nothing seemingly out of the ordinary arising from that interview. Meanwhile, Gordon is helping Heather try to dispose of the body without Kim finding out what he's doing. If the detectives are to discover the killer and motive, they will have to learn about the nature of Heather and Jake's past romantic relationships, and the nature of Heather and Gordon's long term friendship. An act of self-preservation by Heather may ultimately be trumped by her narcissism, especially with regard to Gordon.

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