he victim: James Dent. The killer: Peter Ward, the home care nurse for Olivia Dent, James' seriously ill mother who has an auto-immune kidney disease. James was found nearly dead after he made a 911 call of being assaulted. It looked to be a BDSM session gone wrong, the actual issue almost killing him being auto-erotic asphyxiation. He is declared brain dead, but is kept on life support at the hospital. Angie and Oscar learn from Olivia that she and James have been estranged for some months, initiated by him. Olivia admits that she and James' now deceased father spoiled James growing up, and now as a young man she wanted him to make it on his own. She provided him with a business, a rehearsal space, on which he could earn a living. However, James still seemed to want more from her due to her wealth and the sense of entitlement he learned growing up. Olivia knew little of his current life beyond believing that he was squandering away his life and money while using the rehearsal space more as a clubhouse in which to hang out with his friends. They also learn from James' friends that he may have been the victim of identity theft, with new credit cards and a drivers license being requested, the credit cards not being issued because of his large outstanding balances. And voice recognition proves that the 911 call was not made by James himself. Beyond the evidence, a situation at the hospital points to Peter as the perpetrator. However, Angie and Oscar have to figure out why Peter, when given the opportunity, did not kill James outright before he made the 911 call, if the motive was purely to inherit Olivia's estate instead of James. Meanwhile, Brian, who has been trying to speak to his wife Mary, from who he is separated, turns to Officer Sung for support. And the professional issue between Angie and Mark that occurred ten years ago may soon come to a head.

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