he victim: Sienna, a prostitute who used her life coaching company as a front. The killer: Stephanie Carson, a jealous wife and controlling mother who works as an investment advisor purportedly earning seven figures. Sienna's dead body is found in the bathroom of her "office" i.e. a downtown condo, she injected with a fatal dose of pentobarbital through the neck, and the word "SLUT" written on her forehead in lipstick. Besides Sienna's work as a prostitute and the need to interview her clients, most specifically those that were scheduled the day of and after her death, the detectives will learn that she was also a mild-mannered suburban housewife named Erica Grey, her husband, Doug Grey, who, with Erica, agreed that after their marriage she would continue hooking, with set boundaries. As Sienna's client list comes up with dead ends, the detectives begin to suspect that Erica's suburban housewife life, which includes being heavily involved in her daughter Jayda's gymnastics club, combined with her prostitution may be the reason for her death i.e. that she may have been involved with one of the suburban husbands. When they discover Stephanie as the killer, they will find that the motive has more to do with Stephanie's core as a person than with Erica/Sienna's business. Meanwhile, Angie and Oscar are investigating Derek Caster's murder, they believing that Neville Montgomery had something to do with it despite Caster's remand cell-mate, Mason Garvey, admitting to the murder. And Angie's return to Homicide leads to a change in dynamics with her colleagues, especially with Brian, who has grown up during the six months she was away.

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