he victim: Avery Bowman, the wife of Russell Bowman, the famed starting quarterback for the BC Furies, and head of Russell's charitable organization. The killer: Courtney Meisenger, the owner/operator of a suburban bakery/catering business, with Russell's charity one of her recent clients. Angie is acting staff sergeant on this case while Oscar is away in court. Avery's dead body is discovered thrown from her vehicle following a seeming single vehicle traffic accident along a remote road. However, Betty discovers that she didn't die from injuries from the accident itself, but rather from anaphylactic shock from a peanut allergy, peanut oil which is found smeared onto parts of her body. In checking Avery's cell phone records and in interviews with people on that cell phone list and those close to her, the detectives find that Avery's latest actions were in a effort to hide something she did or was about to do, with Kennecki believing what she was hiding was an affair. But when Betty discovers something fundamental about Avery in her being, the nature of the case changes from trying to find the killer directly to trying to discover issues from Avery's deep past from before she met Russell, that time of which Russell knows little. Through it all, Angie, Brian and Betty all still have problems with Kennecki as a detective. However, he may show some small signs - very small - that he has potential as a homicide detective.

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