arry wakes up in bed with a one night stand and returns home to an unwelcoming Rose. On arriving at work he is told by Lady Mae that the king wants a private shopping session after hours. Doris has her own good news. Grove has asked her to marry him but Miss Mardle is shocked and insulted when he suggests they continue their affair. Henri tells Agnes that he will be going to New York to work with Valerie. Harry is angry at losing such a valued employee and insists he goes immediately. Agnes is disappointed but finds consolation with Victor. The king's shopping trip is a success and he invites the Selfridges as his guests to see Ellen's new play. However the play, whilst approved by a gloating Frank, is a cruel satire directed against Mae - lampooning her predilection for young men - and the Selfridges, picking on Harry's greed and Rose's dalliance with Roddy. Back home Rosalie is appalled and rows with her mother over Roddy but this actually leads to a truce and rapprochement between Mr and Mrs Selfridge.

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