gnes gets her younger brother George work in the warehouse at the store but the siblings get a nasty shock when their brutish, drunken father Reg turns up and they reluctantly let him stay. Feeling alienated from her husband's business Rose goes to the National Gallery and strikers up a friendship with handsome young artist Roddy, though she is taken aback when he makes a pass at her. The store is not doing as well as Harry had hoped and he needs a gimmick to attract trade. He therefore approaches the cross-Channel aviator Louis Bleriot and display Bleriot's plane at Selfridge's. This is a huge success with Ellen Page sitting in the cockpit modelling flying scarves - which sell out as a result. Lady Mae asks for a free suit for her young lover Tony, reminding Harry of his debt to her whilst Harry himself, though determined to give Rose more attention, is caught in a compromising situation in Ellen's dressing-room. After this he buys her a house in St. John's Wood.

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