ictor visits Agnes and they kiss. Harry also pays her a call and persuades her to go back to work, buying off Reg and threatening him not to return. Roddy goes to see Rose with a portrait he has painted of her. They too kiss and are seen by Rose's daughter Beatrice, whom Rose swears to secrecy though she tells her father about the portrait. Rose is also visited by Ellen, who is blatant about her affair with Harry though Rose tells her she already knows of it. Victor is disappointed that Agnes is working close to Henri but steps in to save George's job when Harry discovers a scam in the warehouse. Lady Mae, having tired of Tony, turns her attentions to Victor. Harry gets drunk at his club where Ellen arrives, saying she loves him. However he dismisses her and, drunk, crashes his new car into a tree whilst Frank discovers Ellen unconscious after taking an overdose of tablets.

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