arry lies in a coma and journalists are keen to know why he was driving, drunk, late at night. Frank tells Lois of Ellen's outburst and insists they keep it quiet, also instructing the recovering Ellen to stay away. Victor is late for work after being bedded by Lady Mae and Mr Grove turns up despite his wife's recent death. All past animosities among the shop girls are forgotten as everybody pulls together in Harry's absence and Agnes and Henri grow closer. The staff meet to discuss a forthcoming march past Selfridge's by the suffragettes on the day the group meet there for lunch. Grove, who opposes votes for women, insists the meeting be cancelled, antagonizing Lady Mae. The more far-sighted Mr Crabb, sensing that Selfridge's should be linked to progress, over-rules him and orders a window display in support of women's rights. Recovering from his coma Harry arrives at the store to take credit for the display and find his daughter Violette among the marchers.

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