arry hosts a dinner for fellow American Frank Woolworth, who has opened a chain of discount stores in the United States and is extending his business to London. Seeing the need to compete with Woolworth Harry plans a lavish mid-season bargain sale. Kitty and Doris are interviewed by Grove for promotion to replace Agnes and Grove asks Harry to consider a reference for Miss Bunting. Harry refuses but Grove is touched by Doris's humanity and homeliness. Ellen Love comes to the store with Tony to invite the Selfridges to the opening night of his play, in which she will star. Victor asks Lady Mae for the capital to open his own restaurant and is crushed when she refuses. Agnes goes on a date with Henri, staying the night with him and next day touring the markets for ideas to promote the sale. On returning home she meets a disappointed Victor waiting for her. On Sunday the Selfridges go to church but Rosalie, feigning illness, stays at home. Returning early Rose is shocked to find her with Roddy, whom she has met through Lady Mae, and tells him to leave.

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