ews reaches the store that Miss Bunting has killed herself, causing a remorseful Harry to offer to pay for her funeral and Mr Grove to take an upset Doris out for tea, claiming he should have done more to help. Agnes and Henri also discuss the suicide and reach out for each other but they are interrupted by Miss Ravillus, who warns Agnes to be careful about the relationship and consider her career. When Valerie reappears at the store Agnes gives Henri her blessing to see her and gets on with the window display marking explorer Ernest Shackleton's lecture to be given at Selfridge's. Unemployed, Frank is refused a job by Harry and goes to see Ellen, about to open in Tony's play. Victor, aware that Lady Mae has used him, tells her what he thinks of her and, at the Shackleton exhibition, Harry is annoyed to see Rosalie with Roddy - and even more so when the young artist tells him that he and Rose were once in love.

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