osie Mardle tells Florian she believes she is too old for him and that she has arranged an audition with the Halle Orchestra in Manchester. The young man is heart-broken but surprisingly it is Grove who apologizes to Miss Mardle and persuades her that she should make a go of the relationship. Agnes and Victor give Harry notice as they are leaving to run the restaurant together. Henri is also quitting to go to France and fight in the army. Agnes, Victor, Franco and George look around the restaurant but Agnes has her misgivings as to whether it is what she wants, given that her forte is in window display and goes for one last walk with Henri. Frank Edwards comes to see Harry, telling him he needs actual proof to discredit Loxley but Mae manages to procure a list that exposes him and Harry delivers it to the Procurement Committee meeting, thus clearing his name and showing Loxley to be the profiteer. Kitty forgives Frank and the Selfridges prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving. However Rose has been to see her doctor and has bad news for her husband.

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