arry is confronted by a delegation of trade unionists led by Arnold Huxton demanding better workers' rights. Union membership is forbidden at the store as the staff have their own council for debates but Ed and Dave, who work in the loading bay with Gordon, are interested and arrange to attend a talk given by Huxton. Gordon overhears and sneaks into the meeting but when the Selfridge staff learns how comparatively well-served they are, the unionists are angry and a fight ensues. Rose, seeing Henri at the club, follows him home to where he is living in poverty though he declines her offer of his old job back. Harry is annoyed that she made the offer behind his back. To repay the staff for their loyalty he arranges a tango party at Delphine's, inviting Lady Mae, though her obnoxious husband also tags along and is angry when Harry refuses to discuss business with him. Despite the threat of war, which particularly unnerves Grove, the party is a success, Kitty dazzling Frank, though Agnes, of whom Thackeray is still jealous, tells Victor they have no future. The Loxley's crumbling marriage is tested when Mae learns that her husband has leased out their country estate. She counters by mocking him over the fact that Harry rebuffed his request to discuss business so he hits her, knocking her to the floor.

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