he store is preparing for the Empire Exhibition but Agnes is struggling with her display and Thackeray is not pleased when Harry reinstates Henri, who has offered to help her. Nor is Rose happy to find Gordon has some saucy photos but in the resultant confrontation he makes her see that she should give Harry another chance. Consequently she declines her husband's suggestion that she should return to America if there is a war and they agree to support each other. Kitty gives Frank another chance as they take a picnic to Green park whilst Grove reencounters Miss Mardle who, thanks to a legacy, is now a woman of property, making him regret his not marrying her. Lady Mae learns that Loxley has huge gambling debts and threatens to expose this should he ever lay a finger on her again and, following the success of Agnes and Henri's impressive display, Loxley offers to invite Winston Churchill to open the exhibition. However Harry must inform the staff that Churchill cannot come as Britain is now at war with Germany, following the latter's invasion of Belgium. Ignorant of the carnage to come, the people sing 'Rule Britannia' at Delphine's club.

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