ale staff are anxious to enlist in the army, gaining the nickname the Selfridge Brigade. Agnes is upset to learn that brother George has joined up but cannot prevent him whilst Victor is about to sign up but his uncle Gio is dying and asks him to stay and look after the family. Rose, Lady Mae and Delphine hold a charity sale to raise funds for Belgian refugees, taking place in the store's Palm Court restaurant. This leads to a confrontation between Thackeray (angry that a donation tin is put on his counter) and Henri, but Harry has now appointed Henri his deputy and Thackeray must back down. Meanwhile Miss Mardle strikes up a friendship with one of the refugees, chocolate maker Jean Neuhaus. Frank obtains his own newspaper column and asks Kitty if she can provide information to discredit Loxley and his dubious role in the military procurement committee. Lady Mae has the same aim in mind after her maid tells her that she has heard Loxley talking to a man with whom he can strike a dishonest deal.

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