t Neuhaus's suggestion Miss Mardle takes in Belgian refugees, including handsome young violinist Florian Dupont. Agnes is asked out by Victor, now running the family restaurant following Uncle Gio's death and Gabriella's return to Italy. Gordon feels guilty that his friends are fighting in the war whilst Harry will not allow him to sign up and women are recruited to take over delivery work at the store, Rose becoming their champion when she demands better conditions for them. Delphine arranges a meeting for Harry with members of the military procurement board - including Loxley - with a view to giving Harry a say in the running of military matters. The men play cards, Harry winning a substantial sum from Loxley, though Lady Mae is curious as to how her husband amassed a large wad of money. He gives her some notes to buy a new outfit at the store but she is offended by Thackeray's sexist comments and makes no purchases. Thackeray again comes off worse after another spat with Henri but he is intrigued to overhear him speak to a private detective and follows him to a house, where he learns that Henri is in pursuit of a German lady.

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