s the war progresses German goods are withdrawn from the store and Harry is approached by Bill Summertime, whom he met at the card game and who is part of British Intelligence. He asks if Harry, as an American neutral, will visit Germany as a spy. Henri bumps into Agnes, whilst she is waiting for Victor. Things are strained between them but she tells Henri that Victor is a good man. A party including Henri and Agnes and Miss Mardle and Florian attend the music hall and see popular singer Richard Chapman. Not only is he ideal to headline Harry's patriotic concert but he and Lady Mae find themselves getting close as she confides in him about her unhappy marriage. Victor tells Agnes that he has a bank loan to run the family restaurant and wants her to leave the store to work with him whilst after yet another argument between the two men Thackeray accuses Henri of being an enemy spy and he is arrested. As news of casualties among former Selfridge workers arrives at the store Harry confronts Loxley as being a profiteer before leaving for Germany, asking Delphine not to tell Rose of his decision.

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