arry returns to London with information for Summertime but is angry that Bill will not support him in the face of accusations of treachery and talks to the staff to reassure them that Edwards' newspaper story about him was a lie. Edwards is genuinely contrite and agrees to print a letter from Harry telling the truth but the editor refuses. Following the bad publicity business is poor until Delphine brings American film producer Mack Sennett and his actress lover Mabel Normand to the store. They throw a lavish party where Mabel gets young Gordon very drunk. Harry visits Henri, who is facing deportation, but manages to trace Valerie with Bill Summertime's help and she vouches for his innocence, securing his release. Having sold her jewels to pay for their accommodation Lady Mae tells Pimble that, since her husband is reluctant to grant her a divorce, she must destroy him whilst again her efforts to reconcile with the Selfridges are rebuffed. Mack Sennett asks Harry to return to the States as his business partner but Harry turns him down. Feeling now very positive he extols the virtues of Delphine to Rose, who is not sure how to take it.

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