usiness is still suffering after the newspaper story so Henri brings in the formidable journalist Winifred Bonfils Black. At the same time a contrite Frank Edwards resigns from the paper and meets Lady Mae, who tells him and Harry that she knows Loxley blackmailed Edgerton and is the real culprit. Harry invites her and Pimble to live with the Selfridges, reconciling Mae with Rose, and they unite against Loxley when he storms in to drag his wife back. Rose is feeling unwell and is advised to take a break from London by Delphine. Mae believes Delphine is trying to steal Harry from Rose and indeed Delphine makes a play for Harry, who rebuffs her. Winifred's article is very positive, largely built around Agnes, who has other reasons to be happy, as George, missing and feared dead, comes home and she is engaged to Victor. Grove has a son with Doris but is still jealously censuring Miss Mardle for her relationship with young Florian, who is now working in a factory.

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