n Biarritz Harry celebrates the acquisition of more stores for his chain, regaling journalists with a lavish party, whose guests include the Dolly sisters - still squandering his money at the gaming tables - Lady Mae with beau Jimmy Dillon, and Frank Edwards, unhappy about his wife's proposition and ready to succumb to the wiles of gossip columnist Felicity Jenner. Mae detects the rift between Gordon and Harry, whom she urges to reconcile with his son though he does not heed her advice whilst in London Violette organizes a successful exhibition featuring author A. A. Milne and Josie returns at Mr Crabb's request to encourage Grove to tell his children - including Meryl, now back on the shop floor - the truth about his terminal illness. Harry pays over the odds for the Dolly sisters' movie break before discovering that Felicity has written a piece playing on his family's disharmony.

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