ae is hanging out with Liam, who is now single, but her mum sees them smoking pot and grounds her. With Finn dating a twenty-four year old and Chloe also hanging out with twenty somethings she feels very young and out of it. She decides to visit her long estranged father, Victor, who gives her driving lessons and a record deck for her birthday but asks her not to tell her mother. Chloe asks her to a party but she freaks out when the older Saul comes on to her and flees, ending up at Kester's before returning home and making up with her mum, agreeing to accompany her to her scan. Victor encourages her to provide the songs for a school play, where she rows with Chloe for not supporting her against Saul. With Finn now living in Leeds the old gang seems to have broken up so she goes to see Liam for comfort - and more.

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