hloe is meant to be singing the lead in the college musical but she has disappeared, not for the first time. Rae goes to her house and discovers her diary. She is initially appalled as Chloe describes her affair with P.T. teacher Stephen and distorts facts about Rae, whom she sees as a rival for Finn. However reading on she finds that Chloe describes her as ' a beautiful person, not bitchy and broken like me' and sees that Chloe is clearly less self-assured than she appears. Rae starts to feel for her, recalling the times Chloe helped her. At the therapy group Liam walks out after Kester berates him for being flippant and disruptive and Rae goes after him. She visits Victor but is disappointed to find he is going on holiday without telling her. After splitting with her controlling older boyfriend, with whom she has been staying, Chloe comes to college just before the concert but rows with Rae and leaves. Rae, reluctantly standing in for her, takes the stage but her performance is a disaster and she flees to find comfort and sex with Liam.

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