n her non-medicated manic state, Rose is admitted to a private psychiatric hospital. Her excitement of the situation changes when she learns she is being moved from ICU where they have great desserts to the general ward, the other option being assessment by a public hospital who have the authority to keep her if they believe she is at risk. Rose has to learn to cope with this new situation, which she tries to do with a move on her own, and then with the help of Josh and fellow psychiatric patients Ginger and Hannah when that first move doesn't work. Josh leaves Mum to her new surroundings as he becomes overly concerned with cooking a ham for Patrick's backyard barbecue birthday party. As Tom and what he learns is his massive penis set their sights on a party guest named Jenny - who turns out to be not quite what Tom initially believed - Josh worries about his ham, and encounters with Patrick's friend Steve and Steve's adopted brother Arnold, who Josh learns also has psychiatric issues of his own.

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