t's the first day of Josh operating the coffee cart, and beyond not liking needing to be up at 5 o'clock in the morning, he seems well prepared. Nearly all those currently close to him in life are there to support him on the first day, except Tom who is lamenting having no girlfriend since Claire would have broken up with him even if she didn't go back to Germany and thus is wallowing in his sadness. But as both Mum and Dad are contemplating making important life changing decisions independent of each other but which cannot help but affect the other as being formerly married, they end up, in turn, affecting the mood at the cart. Also influencing the mood is Marilyn, Arnold's psychiatrist who wanted to meet Josh before Josh and Arnold went on their first ever true date. What Marilyn recommends leads to Tom going on that date with Josh and Arnold. Something that Josh learns about Arnold on the date exacerbates an already tense situation.

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