t's Arnold's birthday, the event at which he plans to tell his homophobic parents, Bruce and Donna, and his brother Steve that he's gay. Josh is terrified that Arnold's parents will blame him as the person who turned their son, while wanting Tom to help him appear to be just a plain old nice guy. A reluctant party attendee is Hannah, who would rather wallow in her depression at home, something that Rose will not tolerate in wanting her to support Arnold. Arnold has to decide if he will go through with it as the small party progresses. Meanwhile, Alan, who has been staying with Josh and Tom in his funk over Mae admitting that she had a one night stand, remains at home trying to remain constructive doing the one thing that he believes Josh and Tom will allow. Rose, also wallowing in her "beige" medicated state at home, receives a surprise telephone call from a voice from her past. In her medicated state, she tries to decide how she feels about the call. A chat with Hannah may give Rose some perspective. And Tom receives some news about his boss Christine. Tom is irked not about the news itself, but rather the implication of the news in relation to him versus other people in their office.

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