osh and Tom's house has expanded by three people. Arnold is staying there as his father kicked him out after coming out. Claire has just returned from Germany. And Ella, the girl Josh, Tom and Arnold met at the club, has decided to hang around, no one sure what the status of her and Tom's relationship is. The one thing Claire does know is that she doesn't like Ella. One of the first tasks for the expanded household is what to do about Adele the "transgendered" chicken (i.e. the rooster who was supposed to be a hen). They decide to kill "her" humanely themselves - while not letting the other hens see - and have her for Sunday dinner. Against that backdrop, Josh and Arnold have the monogamy talk, which was spurred by them answering differently when asked by Ella if they were indeed monogamous. And Claire confides in Josh about her life in Germany, and an issue with which she needs his help. Meanwhile, Hannah is silently irked at Rose for invading a therapist requested task, while Stuart starts hanging around the house in wooing Rose, he who can't help but comment on Hannah's life.

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