om has made a piñata as a symbol of all the household secrets, as he knows that Josh and Claire are keeping a secret from him. He hopes that airing all the secrets he has and that he knows of about the others will make them open up more about theirs. One of Josh's secrets that he needs to disclose is that he has an imminent anonymous sex date he made online all in an effort to test his and Arnold's open relationship, Arnold who is away at maths camp. Josh is going to let the night unfold with who he learns is named Ben as it does. But the date veers into territories Josh probably did not contemplate. Wanting to give Josh and Ben their privacy, Tom and Claire decide to hide out in Tom's bedroom. They have to figure something to do to keep themselves preoccupied without leaving the room, which ends up not being nearly as difficult as they thought except for the outcome of a dare.

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