fter Marta Walraven finally gets her husband Evan to agree leave her father's mob family, he is shot and on his front walk one morning. Unbeknown to her, her brother Irwin Petrova stole 75 kg of cocaine worth $1.5 million from Russian mobster Nicolae Schiller. He tells her it was all Evan's idea leading Marta to believe he was raising cash for when he left the business. Irwin tells her where to find the drugs but finds them missing when she gets there. One of Schiller's henchmen is here however and tells her to return the drugs or the cash equivalent - or else. In the end, she realizes that she is the only one who can protect herself and her three children. She meets with Schiller who denies having anything to do with her husband's death. He wants her to replace what was stolen and oversee the importation of his next shipment.

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