s the Shetland Isles prepare for the tourists coming for the Up-Helly-Aa festival Jimmy Perez investigates the murder of elderly Mima Wilson,shot dead outside her croft. An archaeological dig was taking place on Mima's land and team member Hattie James tells Perez Mima was upset when a piece of skull was unearthed by Mima's niece Jackie Haldane. Perez learns from Jackie that Mima was also unwilling to sell her land to developer Duncan Hunter,in which she was opposed by her son Joseph.Jackie's drunkard son Ronald is also a suspect and is beaten up by mystery attackers.Perez also discovers that in World War Two Mima's husband and Jackie's father Andrew,now an invalid,helped refugees from Norway escape the Nazis,one bearing the same surname as the dig's leader,Paul Berglund. Then Hattie is killed as she is about to tell Perez something.

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