hen no other prints are found on the knife that killed Hattie suicide is the first thought as her mother says she was prone to depression. However Perez discovers that she had had a fling with Berglund,which could jeopardise his dig. Perez matches a necklace Hattie was holding to one in an old photograph of Mima with Per Lungstad,one of the Norwegian escapees in the war. Per was supposedly drowned but no body found. However the list of suspects grows as Perez discovers that Berglund was also having an affair with Ronald's wife Anna,a fact Mima could have seen and that Ronald was in debt to Duncan Hunter.Ultimately Perez learns that Mima was upset to see the body being dug up on the archaeological site,reminding her of a secret love affair from over sixty years ago. Ailing Andrew Haldane supplies Perez with some of the facts but,as the crowds gather for Up-Helly-Aa Perez must work out the precise link between past and present and the reason for Mima and Hattie being murdered.

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