year has passed. David's drunken rant has cost him his job and his marriage and he is living in a bed-sit when he receives an anonymous letter reading Happy Returns, leading him to wonder if Morton is still alive. It determines him to return to Southcliffe though Anthony refuses to accompany him. Claire is still grieving, having turned Anna's room into a shrine and obsessing about Maria, a friend of her daughter whom she believes to be the victim of sex-slavers. It takes a while for Andrew to ultimately get through to her. Chris has not rejoined the Army, staying in the town and, whilst he is cordial to David, his family is abusive . After discovering that his hotel room has been broken into David begins to suspect that Chris is not the outwardly friendly young man but a very troubled youngster and finds himself having to act, not only to avoid further bloodshed but to redeem himself for his past behaviour.

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