t's Christmastime, as Watch's mom needs to point out, interrupting her son at work in his basement lab. She convinces Watch to go hang with his friends, but a trip to the diner and the Christmas decorating there only turns Watch off. Outside, he encounters Tira, a cute girl who shares his geeky love of science. Sally and Adam see this and follow the two to Quarry Lake, where they suspect Watch is in danger. Adam intercepts a glowing orb's energy meant for Watch, and it turns our hunky hero into a junky zero, Sally sees. She must escape from Adam and appeal to Ann for help. Turns out that Tira and her kind, the No-Ones, are parasites from another dimension and plan to take over Earth as they take over human bodies. Sally tries to talk sense into Watch. Later at the beach, there's a big confrontation where Watch finally realizes that Tira doesn't like him for his great geeky qualities - that she is indeed part of a sinister plot to take over humanity.

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