hile getting his registration in order at Lizzie Borden High School(!), Adam sees an old photo of his mom in the trophy case. He only learned recently that she was originally from Springville. He, Sally and Watch visit the other person in the photo, a local eccentric homeless man referred to as The Mayor because he actually was the mayor of Springville at one time. He tells them Adam's mom was a local hero who rescued some kids from a dangerous cave then had the cave sealed up. Of course, our trio then explores the cave. After some spooky stuff, they realize (mainly from the voice channeling through Sally!) that the cave is actually a living organism - an inter-dimensional creature - that has been suffering greatly for all the humans who have tried to get inside and explore it. Adam's mom, Laurel Hall, understood this as a teen and had the cave sealed to protect the organism. Adam finds his mom's letter jacket (which has a "C" on it - hmmm?). The threesome is able to escape the cave, and Adam is all the more interested to know why his mom vanished two years ago. At the very end, he finds a skeleton key inside his mom's jacket. (At the high school, Sally mentions to the principal that they wanted to get the papers in order for Adam so things would go smoothly once school starts, which doesn't make sense for the order of the episodes, since the Halloween episode was a couple weeks ago.)

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