he Australian Tourism Board asks Simon to come up with a pitch to help improve their image. Problem is that Australia doesn't hold fond memories for him. Danny, a jingle writer Sydney knew when she worked at another agency and who got fired when he wrote some bad jingles and it was Sydney who comforted him, sends her a CD with a song which she's the inspiration called, "Sydney, your so fine". The guys find the song interesting and creepy because he uses personal things about her in the song. Sydney sends him a message thanking him. She calls him and when he asks her out but she just answers him maybe. Eventually he shows up at the office and tells him to leave her alone. Simon unable to come with an idea they would like, utters an insult. In a desperate attempt to appease them, he uses the song as a pitch and they like it. So he has to ask Danny permission to use the song but how can he after Sydney kicked him to the curve. So they go where he'll be performing and Sydney will try to ask him.

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