sther appears in court for assaulting Crout but proves that she was defending herself against his sexual advances and is charged only with taking the clapper from the bell. On return to the mill Robert sacks Crout, who reveals that Robert's younger brother William impregnated apprentice Susannah. Robert agrees to look after her and her child providing she keeps the paternity a secret. Supervisor Timperley brings the Garner sisters from the Liverpool work-house but the younger girl is deemed too sickly to work and has to be returned. Timperley lets her escape - rather than repay the work-house its fee - but she dies. Esther befriends Lucy, the elder girl, as a fellow Liverpudlian and seeks her help in finding her birth certificate to prove that she is seventeen, not fifteen, and nearer to freedom from her indentures and they plan to run away. Whilst Daniel makes Tommy an artificial hand Hannah takes the boy, whom she refuses to give back to the workhouse, to an anti-slavery meeting but John Docherty accuses her of hypocrisy since her husband has inherited a slave plantation in Dominica. She beseeches Samuel to free the slaves and is shocked when he tells her that they pick the cotton for the mill. John visits Daniel, offering a truce after Daniel's assault on him for letting Daniel's poorly father, who was in the Dochertys' care, die whilst Daniel was in prison.

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