epressed that the farm is ailing John gets drunk and meets a confused Caro,wearing only her night dress,in the woods. He returns home to find Martha waiting to take him to chapel,where her father Robin gives a sermon which is the opposite of Jingoistic. George also attends as he is smitten with Martha. Caro is revealed to be pregnant and confides in George that Joe is the father but the high-minded Edmund,embarking on a political career calls in detective Bairstow. Having confessed to Martha that years ago he impregnated a forward young woman who drowned herself John is the prime suspect in Caro's case and a posse of villagers besieges the farm. However they are dispersed by Bairstow,who has learned the truth from Caro. Nevertheless John attempts to hang himself but is prevented by Bert and Grace,who shortly afterwards gives birth.

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