hen his baby daughter falls sick with scarlet fever John,learning that the bovine medicine 3-in-1 is a possible cure,steals some from the Allingham's cattle shed,which cures baby Mary but,following the death of one of the cows he is arrested by Bairstow,now working as Edmund Allingham's agent. Caro's mental decline leads her mother and Edmund to bring in sadistic Dr Wylie,who subjects her to a painful and austere regime. George is appalled to see his sister's spirit being broken. Grace's friend Margaret discovers that her son Paul did not die a glorious death as she was led to believe but is probably missing without trace. Such revelations lead Robin to lose his faith and ask Martha to take over as pastor,which means that she must leave Hankin's factory where she was championing the women's rights. Bert believes that if he wins the annual wheelbarrow race it will keep Joe safe and indeed he does win and Joe is seen returning to the farm though Lord Allingham kills himself.

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