ohn starts to make a success of the farm at last whilst Grace and Bill try to get Agnes reinstated at the factory. Clem tells Edmund that, as a prospective member of parliament, he should not give his opponent Labour candidate Bill a martyr and Agnes is taken on by Norma Hankin as her maid. When Bairstow reveals her pregnancy Norma sacks her and she prepares to leave the village but the adoring Gilbert stops her. Kilmartin's daughter Harriet arrives at the Allinghams with Clem anxious that she should marry Edmund though they are both uncomfortable with the idea. Bert starts to date Phoebe and Bill, voted for by George and Grace but not John, wins the election to be the local MP. Emboldened by this victory Grace challenges Clem to give the name and details of the child born to Caro and her son Joe.

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