argaret Beaufort is pleased to learn that Warwick,whose daughter Isabel is George's reluctant bride,is holding a parliament in York to have George declared the rightful monarch. However the parliament opposes Warwick's idea and Edward,Elizabeth and Jacquetta are all released. Edward,to his wife's annoyance,suggests alliances with Warwick to prevent further factions and even Elizabeth's surviving brother Anthony appears to acquiesce. However Edward has another revolt on his hands,supposedly led by Henry's wife Margaret of Anjou but in reality staged by Warwick and George. Margaret Beaufort's husband wants no part in it but the obsessive matriarch prevails upon her nervous brother Richard to lead her cause. He is killed by Edward after telling him that the rebels are actually Warwick and George,who are forced to flee abroad. Whilst on board ship Isabel miscarries George's baby but Elizabeth is pregnant again and swears that this shall be a son.

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