ware of his antagonists Richard rewards those whom he believes can serve him, including Stanley, the duke of Buckingham and Thomas Brackenbury. Anne visits Brackenbury behind her husband's back, expressing her fear that his throne will not be safe as long as the princes in the tower are alive. Elizabeth, fearing for the boys' safety, accepts an offer of help to rescue them by Margaret, whose son Henry is now betrothed to Elizabeth's daughter Lizzie. However the attempt fails and, learning that the boys are dead, Elizabeth believes that she was double-crossed by Margaret in her ambition to see Henry crowned king. In fact Margaret and her kinsman Buckingham lead a rebellion against Richard but it fails, due to a torrential rain-storm magically evoked by Elizabeth. Buckingham is executed whilst Stanley, who betrayed his wife's part in the revolt, is awarded her lands as she is arrested and exiled. Anne believes Brackenbury had the boys murdered and she and Richard are alarmed by rumours accusing him of organizing the crime. Richard visits Elizabeth and expresses feelings for Lizzie but she tells her mother that she has no wish to be used as a political pawn.

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